About Us


history_picThe Credit Union idea began as an idealistic experiment.  The idea was simply that members could pool their savings and lend money to each other.  No longer are Credit Unions experiments, they are successes.  Serving our members is foremost, even when other financial institutions are unable to make loans to people, we go the extra mile to see that our members’ financial needs are met.

“Not for profit, not for charity, but for service” is the motto that Credit Unions still use today.  CommFirst Federal Credit Union is proud to share this belief with other Credit Unions.  We believe that members’ financial needs come first.

Credit Unions are the only democratically controlled financial institutions.  Only members may vote at the Credit Union annual meetings.

Our Credit Union operates under extensive and strict Federal regulations.  We are closely supervised and examined by NCUA, which is the governing agency responsible for assuring that we constantly protect the best interest of our members.

Membership is for you and your family!

Q: Who is eligible to join?

A: Our membership is available to all MBHS/Baptist employees, full time or part-time. Also, anyone who works in the MAE or MAW buildings or any Baptist-affiliated clinic, Medical Practice Solutions or Premier Practice is also eligible to join.

Q: How do I start a membership account?

A: To start your membership you must open a Shares with a deposit of $7.00 which will give you ownership in CommFirst Federal Credit Union.

Once a Member, Always a Member!

Credit Union Staff

Sheila A. Bridges
(601) 968-1213 EXT. 4

Tracy P. Craft
Loan/Collection Manager
(601) 968-1213 EXT. 6

Annie L. Kern
Member Service Specialist
(601) 968-1213 EXT. 6

BJ Ross
Loan Processor
(601) 968-1213 EXT. 5

Kallie Dawson
Front Teller
(601) 968-1213 EXT. 2

Board of Directors

Jessie Evans
Chairman of the Board

Doug Lacey

Amelia Conner

Robert Barham

Belinda Thomas
Field of Membership

Angela Hahn
Recording Secretary